Dr Mukesh Haikerwal.

The dangers increase with the quantity of alcohol consumed. Additional research shows that the consequences of alcohol publicity vary widely. Some infants appear to escape harm, even though their mothers seriously drink, while some are severely damaged because of the effects of even smaller amounts of alcohol. 5 drinks a week will do to cause harm. The effect of the low degrees of alcohol is quite subtle, with somewhat lower IQ or poorer engine skills than normal. Because alcohol affects therefore many sites in the mind, researchers think that alcohol is much even worse for the developing foetus than any additional abused medication.The session then gives them therapeutic recommendations and imagery for reducing pain, such as letting a particular shiny object melt into their hand and placing their hand on the belly, spreading warmth and light from the hand inside the tummy to make a defensive barrier inside that stops anything from irritating the belly. In the group that used guided imagery, the young children reported that the CDs were easy and enjoyable to use.