Cannabis boosts mind power in rats Scientists now state that Cannabis.

The results showed that regular shots of high, but not low, dosages of the artificial cannabinoid HU210 were associated with anti-nervousness and antidepressive effects. The scientists say that these complicated ramifications of high and low dosages of acute and chronic contact with cannabinoids may clarify the seemingly conflicting results seen in clinical research regarding the consequences of cannabinoid on anxiety and depression.‘Countries can cho[o]se from stronger measures like college closures that may gradual the spread of swine flu initially, but the disease will anyway continue to spread, [WHO] spokesman [Gregory Hartl] stated Wednesday,’ the Associated Press reviews. ‘Hartl said there is ‘a public health logic’ in slowing the spread of the virus where it really is felt that the public health system will end up being overwhelmed. But he stressed that the measures should be justified on open public wellness grounds and respect human privileges’ . Related StoriesTSRI, Janssen collaborate to discover general flu vaccineSoft palate takes on key role in viruses' ability to spreadDeaths from avoidable risk elements: an interview with Dr Ali Mokdad, IHMEThe New York Times reports in another story on how aggressive methods by the Chinese federal government appear to have helped to regulate the spread of H1N1 in the united states: ‘To protests from all over the world, China isolated entire planeloads of people entering the national country if anyone on the plane exhibited flulike symptoms.