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According to the study, the causes of large bowel obstruction of common conditions such as carcinoma, volvulus and diverticular stricture rare causes such as hernias, inflammatory stricture and gallstone obstruction at unusual locations varied sensitivity and specificity. CT in diagnosing LBO was 94 percent and 100 percent active component . – The results of of this study could simplify the diagnostic process drastically A large number of the patients in our study were frail or ill, it is particularly important in this group, the diagnosis with the least invasive and quickest method to possible to achieved. Is, said Dr. Sukumar. Previously and even now, in some centers contrast enema is used and this can be technically difficult and very uncomfortable in this group of patients. CT performed in this situation without bowel preparation and easily easily done, He said.

The program has been very successful with more than 21,000 survivors of the application for the program. ‘The fact that the survivors is to further an indication that the help still urgently needed,’said Jacqueline Yannacci, Program Manager, Behavioral Health Programs. ‘This program has been. Vital not only for the survivors, but also the mental health communities in Louisiana and Mississippi ‘.

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