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The Senate legislation expands the State Children’s Health Insurance Program beyond the original intent of the program, Saturday White Home Spokesman Tony Fratto said. Tax boosts are neither necessary nor advisable to properly fund SCHIP. Congress is taking into consideration renewing the program before it expires Sept. 30. When Congress authorized this program in 1997, it provided $40 billion over 10 years. States use the money, along with their own dollars, to subsidize the expense of health insurance.Honos. Our objective is to improve the fitness of Canadians by stopping and reducing disability and loss of life from cardiovascular disease and stroke through study, health advocacy and promotion.. Carrageenan and your gut microflora Carrageenan is usually a natural food additive derived from reddish colored seaweed and processed with a chemical to neutralize its acidity. Introduced to the food industry in the 1930s, carrageenan is certainly a popular ingredient put into foods as a thickening agent to boost the texture and solubility of products. This product has been demonstrated to alter the gut microflora and weaken your body’s disease fighting capability. The chemical framework of carrageenan can contain up to 40 % of a sulfur substance.