It was only times ago that the FTC attacked a church over its health supplements.

If some of you have the capability and ready to support or donate towards his legal battle, please do therefore by mail or by phoning us at 888-988-3325. Our mailing address can be 160 Dewey Road, Greer, SC 29651. Checks or money orders need to be made out to Stephen Heuer. Thank you so much for assisting Stephen in his period of need. He hopes to come back home soon therefore he can continue assisting every single one of you to better health. What will happen next?I personally haven’t met Stephen Heuer, and I’m not however alert to what charges are being brought against him by the FDA, but this raid and arrest are in keeping with the trick police-style oppression methods the FDA has relied about for nearly two decades to get rid of rivals of Big Pharma.A provision of the 2003 Medicare laws needs the president to propose a cost savings measure if Medicare actuaries task that this program will pull a particular %age of its funding from annual tax income. Regarding to Armstrong, Democrats earlier this month approved Medicare legislation that decreased Medicare spending enough to meet up certain requirements of the result in, but technically, the bill was not considered beneath the result in law’s requirements. Armstrong says lawmakers likely will have to address the trigger again next year, as Medicare costs continue steadily to rise. Armstrong also discusses the home Energy and Commerce Committee’s authorization of a expenses that could create loans and grants for doctors and hospitals to purchase health IT.