Designed for the second year running by four-time gold medal champion.

Each full year, the charity chooses an idea for its garden which reflects the essential work it does to beat cancer. The theme for 2010 2010 is ‘enlighten’, with the garden celebrating the way the work of Cancer Research UK has improved our knowledge and understanding of the causes, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Myers explores the theme through ideas of discovery, light and shade, contrast and color within the garden. Visitors will be taken on a journey full of contrasting environments. When entering the garden, an informal group of birch trees creates a sense of enclosure. The pathway is certainly uneven, dark and rough with the surrounding plants creating a monochrome palette of colour. As visitors’ journey of discovery continues they come across a terrace at the heart, the stone route becomes more regular, easy and lighter, the space more open.The Chinese hamster supplies the cell cultures utilized by the pharmaceutical sector to produce biopharmaceutical products such as antibodies used in medicine. This costly project was only feasible thanks to a cooperation between Bielefeld University and its international project companions. The researchers have finally published their results in the internationally famous scientific journal 'Character Biotechnology'. To carry out this project, the CeBiTec research group cooperated with the University of Organic Resources and Existence Sciences in Vienna , the Austrian Center of Industrial Biotechnology , and two pharmaceutical businesses: Novartis and Pfizer .