The GAP method uses a range of ultrasound measurements.

The GAP method uses a range of ultrasound measurements, taken when the mother is 34 to 36 weeks pregnant, and a mathematical formula to determine whether the baby is larger than the average size of babies for its gestational age. These data are then used the final the final birth weight.

Thornburg. We believe this could be because the babies born to women in this group were significantly larger or it was much more difficult to carry out the ultrasound tests because of the mother’s obesity.. Most importantly, the researchers were also able to rule out the risk of a high birth weight baby in about 80 % of cases, regardless of the mother’s BMI.There was also a clear link between the mother’s BMI and the final birth-weight of their baby. Mothers the morbidly obese tended to babies that were, on average, more than 400 grams heavier than the women who produce normal weight were. Overall, we found that the GAP method performed equally well covered for the obese and normal-weight pregnant women from our study but some decrease in accuracy in the most obese women notice, says Dr.Dendritic cells is to tumor-derived molecules of and present them T cells, and this ‘primed’T cells are then in a position detect and kill tumor cells. In recent years, investigators have attempted these natural this natural immune reactions order to develop new therapies, namely, multiply by generating a pool of tumor antigenic-pulsed DCs, to use as a vaccines T -cell responses of patients with cancer would. In clinical studies, this DC vaccines have been limited success, part needed because the records to ripen active and DCs to produce in vitro are imperfect.

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