In the first stages of treatment particularly journal de la pharmacie.

Antidepressant drugs might be associated with an elevated risk of suicidal behaviour Antidepressant drugs may be associated with an elevated risk of suicidal behaviour, in the first stages of treatment particularly, shows fresh evidence in this week’s BMJ journal de la pharmacie . Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are the most commonly prescribed class of antidepressant, yet concerns have arisen these drugs may induce or worsen suicidal emotions in vulnerable patients. Three studies published in this presssing issue shed new light on the benefits and harms of these drugs.

‘The broad distribution of activity shows that endophytes may be a promising way to obtain biodiversity in which to test for activities important for bioremediation.’ Taxol, which is also derived from the bark of Pacific Yew trees, happens to be the same enzyme used in conventional medicine to take care of cancer patients. Though it is administered to patients in synthetic now, patented forms produced by drug companies that now generate it using genetically-altered bacterium, taxol in its natural type has demonstrable anti-cancer properties, and has been found in native cultures by herbalists to treat disease normally.