In the analysis that included all 79 patients

In the analysis that included all 79 patients, the median duration of treatment for the PCT group, 3.5 days less than the control group, although the difference was not significant. However, when the investigators to stop for early drop-outs, previously undiagnosed infections and patients whose doctors went to antibiotic treatment when the algorithm would have dictated it controlled, they found that by the by the PCT algorithm, significantly shorter treatment time was six six days, as a patient according to standard protocols , averaged 5 days on antibiotics .

The researchers randomized 79 patients received treatment with antibiotics either to standard treatment protocols administered by the treating physicians, or by the decision algorithm based on measured blood levels of procalcitonin , – decision. Serious bacterial infection in the base of patients with suspected sepsis. Patients randomized to patients randomized to the PCT-based treatment there were stopping rules on circulating PCT levels at which point investigators encouraged physicians to discontinue antibiotic therapy based on predetermined, although the treating physician retained to take the final decision.

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