In cartilage restoration.

In cartilage restoration of the shoulder, the wounded tissue is replaced with healthy cartilage from either the patient’s own body or a donor cadaver. The task is supposed for young, active patients. For these individuals, metal and plastic prostheses aren’t recommended because the components wear out over time generally, needing a second, more complicated surgery. At age 22, Brynn O’Keefe underwent what is named an autologous chondrocyte implantation, using her own knee tissue. ‘I understand it sounds corny,’ O’Keefe said, ‘however the surgery changed my life.’ Brynn had hurt her still left shoulder when she fell from the uneven bars in a high school gymnastics meet.In their article the authors review the obtainable data on bone tissue engineering in human studies, including clinical study they themselves have executed. In addition they discuss possible new directions that require to become exploited to make bone cells engineering a clinical success. Citation: Meijer GJ, de Bruijn JD, Koole R, van Blitterswijk CA Cell-based bone cells engineering. PLoS Med 4: e9.

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