City of Toronto destroys free of charge community food garden.

City of Toronto destroys free of charge community food garden, replaces it all with useless grass Less than a day before it was collection to be fully harvested, a community food backyard planted by ‘Occupy Gardens’ volunteers in Queens Park, Toronto, back in May was forcibly destroyed and removed by City of Toronto workers in what appears to have been an act of spiteful, ‘Big Brother’ oppression . Toronto Media Co-op reports that Toronto officials timed the destruction of the garden to occur the evening before a planned event referred to as ‘Autumn Jam: A Harvest Party,’ that was advertised as an action of civil disobedience to get food sovereignty.

Using several tests, Egyptian scientists could actually assess transmission and infection parameters more than the five years of the mass drug administration. All the tests revealed razor-sharp declines. For example, community parasite loads declined by more than 90 percent after MDA; antibody testing in 5 year old school kids showed that levels of exposure to infection declined by 99 -100 percent. LF threatens over one billion people in 83 countries. Approximately 120 million folks are contaminated with the parasites, 40 million of whom have medical symptoms of the condition. The Global Alliance to remove LF was created with the support of the pharmaceutical businesses GlaxoSmithKline and Merck to greatly help countries with LF react.