Check out LabelGMOs. presents a very important list for further educational resources; including films, books and scientific papers which reveal the reality about Frankenfoods that Big Meals doesn’t want customers to know. To learn precisely what the California campaign is approximately, the site allows you to download the full text message of the proposed California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act of 2012. If you prefer a more playful thought process about GMO’s, the web site has a link which goes to a downloadable IPad or IPhone animated game called GMO Busters. Whether you live in California and want to find out more about the advertising campaign, or if you live elsewhere in the US and need to garner info to assist you start your very own GMO labeling marketing campaign, this website is really worth a visit for anybody who cares about keeping Frankenfoods from the country’s food supply.Through the partnership, Rock Wellness shall fund and support promising digital startup businesses. Boston Children's shall become clinical advisor, help companies form and pilot technology in the pediatric marketplace and perhaps support or collaborate on tasks from both outside and inside a healthcare facility. We're excited to create this collaboration with the leading digital health early-stage capital raising strong, says John Brownstein, PhD, Chief Innovation Officer in Boston Kids's. It's possible for our innovators to obtain shed in the commercialization procedure, and most can't carve out enough time to move a concept forward. With this partnership, they have usage of strategic guidance, funding and assets to accelerate project advancement.