Bogus vitamin E research used single-form.

And the mainstream mass media went right together with the sham, publishing ridiculous headlines like Supplement E ‘may be harmful to bones’. It has turned into a common tactic in research that try to shed a poor light on vitamin supplements – – using isolated, synthetic types of vitamins to create all vitamins look poor – – but one which an increasing quantity of individuals are recognizing as a fraud. Back 2011, for example, the Life Extension Base published a highly-beneficial rebuttal to an identical vitamin E-bashing research that people covered previously (..If remaining untreated, a cataract can lead to blindness. In the U.S., cataracts affect approximately 60 percent of both men and women older than 60. About 1.5 million cataract surgeries are performed in the U.S. Each full year, and visual disabilities associated with cataracts lead to over 8 million physician office visits a calendar year. We believe that the regular use of statins for men and women under the age of 75 can significantly secure them against cataracts, Dr. Chodick concludes. Whether people who are not at risk for center attacks should take them as a cataract preventative only has not been determined.