With no heartrate or respiration for extended periods.

‘When an organism is certainly suspended its biological procedures cannot do anything incorrect,’ Roth said. ‘Under conditions of extreme cold, this is the correct thing to be doing sometimes; when you can’t do it right, don’t perform it at all.’.. Anoxia-induced suspended animation helps survive hypothermia How could it be that some individuals who freeze to loss of life apparently, with no heartrate or respiration for extended periods, could be brought back to life without long-term negative health effects? New results from the laboratory of cell biologist Tag B.Rick Aguilera says: Aaren's world-class type of intraocular lenses perfectly augments ZEISS' famous ophthalmic diagnostic and surgical item portfolio. This is an excellent and practical partnership for both companies and we encourage all involved to see this as we perform – a major turning point in our companies. Insertion of an intraocular lens after cataract surgery is the most commonly performed ophthalmic medical procedure. While the vast majority of IOLs implanted to take care of cataracts are monofocal lenses, ZEISS has considerably shaped the market with its multifocal intraocular lenses.