Canadian prescription drugs The following statement was issued by David MacKay.

The ongoing company plans to file an NDA in the 3rd quarter. In a previous clinical study, Captisol-enabled Melphalan fulfilled certain requirements for establishment of bioequivalence to the present commercial intravenous formulation of melphalan. Spectrum assumed the duty for the pivotal clinical trial and is responsible for filing an NDA. Under the license agreement, Ligand received a license fee and is permitted receive milestone payments, along with royalties pursuing potential commercialization..Between 1978 and 2008, the common age of general practitioners in Canada increased by 5.6 years, to 49.0, and the average age of specialists increased by 3.4 years, to 50.6. ‘The physician workforce in Canada is getting older; however, the data demonstrates doctors’ retirement patterns are very different than the patterns of various other specialists,’ explains Yvonne Rosehart, System Lead of Health Human Resources at CIHI. ‘Many physicians work very well into their final years. In fact, nearly all physicians age group 70 to 79 in 2004 had been still in the workforce in 2008. This pattern is not seen with other health care professionals, such as nurses.’ CIHI’s study found that many physicians who were more than age group 65 in 2004 acquired still not remaining the workforce in 2008.