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Bilobil also effectively prevents dizziness and tingling in the ears. In 2004 the maker enriched the Bilobil brand in Poland by way of a new item. Bilobil forte includes a double dosage of Ginkgo biloba extracts and is supposed for the active section of the populace enabling an extended and a far more intensive mental work. About Krka Krka is among the top generic pharmaceutical businesses in Europe. For more info, please visit.. Award for Bilobil in Poland The first place in the national competition ‘Consumer’s Laurel 2007’ in the category ‘Drugs for memory improvement’ has been won by Krka’s Bilobil.They’ll want 10 pounds of squash! BackContinueTasty Tots Move over tater tots, here arrive Tasty Tots. A united team from Bellingham, Massachusetts, developed this recipe, that was a hit with college students. Would you believe the trick ingredient can be chick peas? BackContinueConfetti Soup Burke Great and Middle College in Charleston, SC, created Confetti Soup, that they call wintertime wonder soup. BackContinueStir-Fry Fajita Chicken Kayenta United College District in Arizona combined Southwest tastes with an Asian technique — stir frying. A fajita has a tortillas, but this recipe for Stir-Fry Fajita Poultry acts it over rice, that you should prepare prior to starting this dish. BackContinueTuscan Smoked Turkey & Bean Soup Ira B.